About Celtic Urns

Celtic Urns is an Irish company founded in Co Kildare.  We want to work with you to help you commission an urn that allows you share your thoughts and memories of your loved ones.

We have recognised due to the increasing popularity of cremation, that there is need for a memorial range of products which allow families to stay connected with the memories of their loved ones who are no longer with them. People are looking for unique ways to honour and remember their loved ones so that they in turn can pass this knowledge on to the following generations.

That is why in Celtic Urns we have given the ability to commission the design of the Urn back to the family and to have them decide how they would like the urn to be inscribed. Behind each piece of art work there is a family story, a legacy. The urn should reflect the story it represents.

Because the urn is so important in who it speaks for, we use the services of highly skilled artisans, with several generations of training and handed down skills, from the Uttar Pradesh province in India to hand form and hand engrave each urn.