Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  You can select more than one artwork for each urn. The artwork is evenly placed on the sides of the urn. For small, medium and large urns you can have up to 4 separate engravings, as well as band engraving. For our limited-edition ball of life urn, you can  have up to 7 different engravings, plus a band, plus a polar engraving. Please contact us for more details and pricing.

Yes. We can engrave on the Keepsake urn. Because of the size of the urn we would suggest using a suitable image so the detail can be seen.

All of our urns are individually handmade. The hand engraving is done by artisans with many decades of experience. Because of this no two urns will ever be the same even if the art work and bands selected are. With machine engraving the urn design is mass produced and not making your urn and individual memory.

Normal time from placing an order to receiving the Urn is between 3 to 5 weeks. This will depend on factors such as demand. As all our urns are individually handmade, we are only constrained by volume. We will keep you informed if this changes. We also will send you shipping details to allow you track your order once shipped.

Yes we can use your photograph as a guide to the engraving. However, you must realise that because the engraving is done by hand that there might be differences between the photograph and the final engraving.

The answer to this is no. The reason is that hand engraving only works in one dimension. Photographs portray individuals in a two-dimensional setting.

If you would like to have an art work not shown on our site you can upload the image. We will review your image and if needed we will contact you for clarifications or suggestions. We also assume that you have ownership of the image you submit.

Yes. For some artwork colour might be appropriate. However, we have seen from previous requests that the colour often takes away from the skill of the artisan engraver.  Remember this is a human effort and the result might not be what you expect.

Yes. As long as you can send us the details of what you want engraved on the Urn we should be able to engrave it.

We inspect each and every urn before dispatch from our facility in Ireland. We use DHL to courier your final product. Most destinations are reachable between 1 and 3 days. We will issue with a shipping number to track your shipment once it leaves our facility.

Depending on your location duty and or VAT may be payable. We do not charge duty on these items so you may be required to pay for this when the item arrives at your address.

See our link to helping decide on urn size HERE

We suggest keeping the remains in a separate suitable bag and placing the bag inside the Urn. This will show you how much capacity remains inside the Urn for either placing sentimental items or other Ash remains inside.